Assessment Timeline

Through collaborative activities, participants will apply the NC Standard Course of Study to create an assessment timeline to develop and manage innovative, ongoing, student-centered learning. Online resources will be used to facilitate designing activities to assess learning before, during and after lesson development.

  • Engage and equip educators with relevant knowledge, skills, tools, and resources to create an assessment timeline focusing on classroom lessons.
  • Identify strategies to enhance effective technology use through collaboration and resource exploration.

Learning Outcomes:
After this session, participants will be able to:
  • Collaborate with educators to strengthen assessment practices
  • Apply the NC Standard Course of study to create formative assessments.
  • Design an implement an assessment timeline aligned with a selected standard from NC SCOS.

Essential Questions:
  • How can an assessment timeline assess student understanding of the NC SCOS?
  • How can teachers assess student learning and understanding to determine instructional needs?
  • How can teachers use assessment findings to inform instructional decisions including differentiation needs, student prior understanding/knowledge, scaffolding needs, re-teaching needs, and intervention?
  • How can formative assessment improve student motivation, engagement, and learning?
  • How can teachers ensure learning goals and assessments are aligned?
  • How can teachers clearly communicate to students the purpose of assessments and the criteria for success?
  • To what extent should teachers involve students in the assessment process?
  • What is the role of descriptive feedback during teaching and learning?


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Keys to Student Achievement
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Determining Instructional needs?

High 5 Process

Why create an Assessment Timeline?

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Assessment Timeline