During this session we will explore the professional and content standards and the connection to Revised Bloom's Taxonomy, 21st Century Skills and student achievement. We will examine what it means to create, analyze and evaluate to create questions that empower and encourage critical thinking from students.

Goals: Participants will . . .
  • Goal 1: Analyze the NC Professional Teaching and Content Standards and how they support student achievement.
  • Goal 2: Explore how Revised Bloom's Taxonomy align to Content Standards and authentic learning.
  • Goal 3: Design 21st Century learning activities that impact student academic growth.

Elements Addressed:

Standard I:
Teachers demonstrate leadership by taking responsibility for the progress of all students to ensure that they… are prepared for life in the 21st century. Teachers communicate this vision to their students.

Standard III:
Teachers incorporate 21st century life skills into their teaching deliberately, strategically, and broadly.

Standard IV:
Teachers teach the importance of cooperation and collaboration

Essential Questions

How can 21st Century Learning activities increase student achievement and provide real-world learning experiences?

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