What is TPACK?
How can TPACK be used in curriculum planning?
How can curriculum be designed to ensure outcomes will support student achievement while providing authentic or real-wold learning experiences for students.

What is TPACK Jigsaw Activity

Number off by 3s. Each group of 3 is your home group.
In your home group decide who will become and expert in defining the Content Knowledge, Pedagogical Knowledge and Technological Knowledge using the links below.

The expert groups are
1) Content Knowledge (CK)
2) Pedagogical Knowledge (PK)
3) Technological Knowledge (TK)
(In large workshops, you may have several expert groups for each of the components)

In expert groups
Read and review the definition of your topic: CK. PK, or TK (5 minutes)

Content Defined


Pedagogy Defined


Technology Defined

Discuss the definition and create a poster to share with other Expert Groups (5 minutes). Look for understanding through common words, phrases.
Return to to Home Groups and discuss what TPACK means.

Teacher Decisions Discussion Activity
What is an Activity Type?

Review the first paragraph on page 3 of Instructional Planning Activity Types as Vehicles for Curriculum-Based TPACK Development (PDF
Watch Planning for effective Instruction
  • Share decisions teachers make when deciding how students will interact with the content.
  • Interactive Learning
    • Tricider
    • Visual Ranking

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