Tools and Artifacts

Standard 1
Standard 2
Standard 3
Standard 4
Standard 5
School library media coordinators demonstrate leadership
School library media coordinators build a learning environment that meets the instructional needs of a diverse population of students
School library media coordinators implement a comprehensive 21st century library media program
School library media coordinators demonstrate knowledge of learners and learning and promote effective instructional practices
School library media coordinators reflect on their practice
Staff development documentation
Student created content
Collection management plan
Documents written for a listserv
Self-assessment Rubric Summary Rating (Optional) Summary Rating
Newsletters Brochure
Usage data
Library media center schedule
Book fairs
Documentation of continuing education - articles, conferences
Conference documentation
Assessment data
Library media center sign up sheets
Collection management plan
Feedback from supervisor, students, parents, community members, colleagues
Collection Management Plan
Collaboration forms
Records of students who have public library cards
Professional development syllabi
School improvement and/or other leadership team documents
Policies and Procedures Manuals
Lesson plans
Participation in Battle of the Books
Professional growth plan
PLC and/or PLN documentation
Collaboratively produced lesson and unit plans
Summer reading programs
Evaluation tool
Evaluation Activities
Documentation of professional/electronic learning community activities
Documentation of work with school staff, parents, and other members of the school community
Student and teacher feedback about the school's collection
Student outcome data
Informal communication with school staff
Reflective journaling
Output measures
Community partnership activities
Collaboration forms
Data walls
Student reading records
Action research documentation
Articles and presentation documentation
Articles written by school library media coordinator

Family reading night
Memberships in professional organizations
Professional organization activities

Adult literacy courses
Formative and summative assessments
North Carolina School Library/Media Rubrics and research

Reading across the community programs
Student and school needs assessments

Book clubs

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